A few tips to have in mind when building a mobile app

Whether you have an idea or a solution to a problem, there are a few things you should know before building a mobile application. These tips will help you on your journey to this lovely digital world.

Be clear on your idea or the solution you want to offer

First of all, get to know your market. See if what you want to do already exists. If it exists, how can you do it better? If it doesn't exist, how can you profit out of it? Do some research and validate your idea!

Write your idea on paper

Well, not necessarily on paper. You can use some templates or wireframing tools to help you describe your idea. Try to put as many details as possible.

Keep it simple!

From our experience, every project starts small and all of a sudden there are a lot of features and new implementations that need to be added! Yo need focus and clarity on what you need to solve first and from that point keep growing the app. Remember, it is good to have feedback from the user to know how they think and what they need. And if it fast, the better.

Invest in design

Follow the best practices of user interface and user experience (UI/UX). A good designer can help you with that. Follow the trends or find your own style.

Get involved with the development team

Find a company that not only offers you design but also has a solid developing team. Get involved in the project, there's no one better than you to express your idea!

Fail fast, so you can sail in another direction

Get feedback from the users ASAP. This will help you to know what you are doing right and what needs to change before it's too late. Start sharing an MVP with friends or close ones to know their feelings and reactions.


Analytics help you with your metrics for the app. This will give you a big picture of what is going on. Google, Facebook, has some tools for this. But there are also some free tools.


Once you have strong feedback from the users. It's time to start adding new features and keep scaling your app.

I hope these tips help you if you decide to develop a mobile app. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. We will be more than happy to help you!